Thursday, November 23, 2017

Cathedral vs. Bathroom

For myself, as an American, I have not the least doubt that I have derived a good deal more benefit of the civilizing as well as of the inspirational kind from the admirable American bathroom than I have from the cathedrals of Europe.  I do not, of course, deny the impressiveness or the many varied beauties of these monuments, nor their usefulness to the people in their time; I have enjoyed their delightful coolness and their shade from the glare of the sun on broiling days in France and Italy - though in cold weather they are likely to be unbearable.  But I have had a good many more uplifting thoughts, creative and expansive visions - while soaking in comfortable baths or drying myself after bracing showers - in well-equipped American bathrooms than I have ever had in any cathedral.
 - Edmund Wilson, A Piece of My Mind

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